Friday, April 6, 2012



it could be HEAVEN for those who go back home. but not for me and the 'others'. alone at this home for 1 week. don't have any plan for the next day except do my assignment. have to do it =.='

want to spend my day with my friends but my money... in the dangerous state. :'(

masum, majlis sukan universiti malaysia kena buat di sini. tapi, macam tak best. i donno why. hewhew :3 i already ask my parent want to go back but they seems like didn't give the right answer for that question. so, i just remain silent and keep watching my friends bring their bag/luggage out from this house.

sangat. sangat. sangat. tak tau nak cakap apa laa.

dia pun akan sibuk. latihan berterusan. even we are closer but we cannot see each other frequently. dear u, take care waktu training. okey? hmmm.

that it.

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