Monday, February 13, 2012



now, counting day to day to start my new session for student. my second semester for sure. it been a long time since the last post. no internet connection at my house. so, humbly.. my daily routine is. pick up shits of my cats, bobo and mimi =.= if i just let them handle their own 'product' . . . i think, my cats will be so messy. ugghhh.

feeding them is my first thing to do in the morning. because they keep 'mmeoowwing' until i let them in.

syukur alhamdulillah i still can study. i can't wait to study and finish my semester to semester. and waiting my big day. :) sangat bersemangat la pulak dahh :D

and what makes me really worry rite now is. maybe i have to stay out of the college. honestly, i'm not ready 100% to be totally INDEPENDENT! but, i have to be strong and tough for whatever in front of my eyes.

be strong fatin :)


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