Thursday, January 12, 2012

the power of imagination

today. remember the date.

there so much things in my head. maybe this is the 'test' before the test. i know Allah know the best. i don't have to regret for what happen lately. He always know what the best.

i feeling down right now. i know, i have paper tomorrow. i hope i can make it. i know i can do it if i want to. please give strength to through all of this ya Allah. i know that i'm not strong and maybe the weakest among them :( poor me.

if i cannot stay in this place,

i hope that 'they' allow me to build a tent to let me stay and be my shelter. i've nowhere place to go.

it cool babe!
maybe i can stay in front of minimart in the tent because it near to public toilet, surau and grocery store for sure. it will make me ease my daily routine with those facilities. yeayeahh *___*

or i can stay on the boat. sleep and eat on it. catch the lake's fish. emm forget it. i don't think so i want to eat that creature from our lake. i love them. i think i want to sell fish food so the money that i earn is for my pocket money. hope so. :)

live in the boat on that lake. wohooo >.<

and my roommate also suggest this smart idea. hehe. living in our huge golf field. hehe using the golf cart. well, it good right than walk to class or faculty. hehe. using the raincoat if it raining. kan shai? mine pink and yellow is yours.


mine to be :PPP

uhhh.. if it easy as we spell it out. give me strength. there are so much 'things' will come to me soon. in this world nowadays too hard to find the 'fair and square'. if you have the power, you are the winner. but me?

"aku orang kecil, engkau orang besar. kau ibarat GAJAH, ku hanya semut merah"

you have to admit that fatin. now, just pray to Allah.
semua ada hikmah.
walau berat.
walau lemah.

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