Sunday, December 18, 2011


assalamualaikum :)

sakura is my residential college which place i've been stay for several month since i'm in unimas. thank you. and yesterday is birthday of my college. fyi, sakura is the only rc lived by girls only. more safe here ^^ and yesterday some of us celebrating the birthday with annual dinner, MALAM GALA SAKTI. actually i don't want to attend that night my friend persuade me to join in, so. . . enjoy the picture :)

masuk ja dapat ne coklat susu. hehe sekarang dah tinggal 1/4. lapar sangat tunggu nak makan T__T

okay, nampak lengang. rite?

ne kawan, siti :)

ne saya, fatin. cehhh. hahhah :DDD blurrr

ne dayang, she attended the dinner too. wearing kimono :)

nombor tak bertuah, sebab tak kena lucky draw T__T

with gjee :)

kawan satu meja, tak tau nama :P

ooo.. the best part for every dinner is ambik mana yang nampak! hahha aku byk makan, kau apa kesah ? 

the dessert, blueberry..  nyummmy ^^

ok dah besar =..='

both of them, include always help me to join in dance competition. #with kak syu :)

hati senang, dah kenyang. . . senyum laaa ;)

ne siti, tryin' to follow my pose previously. heheh. cute ^^

hahhh 0-0 this picture taken when i'm tryin' to enlarge my eyes but siti already captured the photo.

ok, nak tayang perut boroi. ngehheheh :3

three of us :)

that's all. malam ne nak tengok estranged pula. hmm don't like consert. =..='

ok. daa

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